About us


Xrisi Efkeria is the leading Classifieds Company in Greece. Thanks to Xrisi Efkeria millions of products have been sold, thousand millions of people have found the house or the job they longed for. It has also been used by thousands of businessmen as a profitable and targeted advertising tool.

Xrisi Efkeria was first released as a newspaper in November 1993. Since then, it has developed, introducing specialized issues to make life easier for readers. It is distributed all around Greece twice a week –every Wednesday and Sunday. In its pages, more than 100.000 different private and professional classifieds are hosted.

The success of the press edition is completed with the www.xe.gr, which is up to now the biggest classified research site. The Xrisi Efkeria disposes a state-of-the-art search engine and caters more than 5.000.000 unique visitors per month, who can easily find classifieds in pictures and videos, can get in touch with professionals, but also use many other services which facilitate them to find what they search for. It contains daily more than 850.000 ads.

Following our online strategy for expansion and our company’s commitment for constant improvement of the utility and effectiveness of our services, our classifieds are available from 2010 via iOs, Android and recently Windows app platforms.


 Message from the Company CEO


Dear readers,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 3rd annual issue of Living Luxuria, the exquisite luxury real estate publication by Xrisi Efkeria (Golden Deal S.A.), the leading classifieds company in Greece since 1993.

The number three (3) was considered a sacred number by the ancient Greeks and as such it is also used in Homer and more specifically in the invocations to the Olympian Gods («Ζεῦ τε πάτερ καὶ Ἀθηναίη καὶ Ἄπολλον» which translates as «Oh, father Zeus and Athena and Apollo, my Gods». Today, the number «3» is associated with happiness, creativity and prosperity. It is the number that is associated with art, inspiration, originality and imagination, attributes that can also be found in the issue you are currently holding in your hands.

We designed this issue with you, our exclusive buyers, in mind. Our aim is to ensure that apart from residence and hotel investment deals, for the first time you will be able to find top-notch services from consulting, construction and security services to alternative vacations, capable of pleasing even the most demanding readers!

Greece is the No1 destination of luxury charter spots you will love, withover 6.000 islands, amazing beaches, great climate, known for its hospitality and among the best countries to live securely in Europe. With universities among the best in Europe, with extended summer season and combination of endless sea and forested hills, with great history and famous culture, Greece has it all. Greece is unique like you. Greece is the ideal place to live and invest.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy our 3rd luxury edition of Living Luxuria!


Pantelis Kontaxakis,


Company CEO